Saturday, May 31, 2014


I was reading the June issue of B&W magazine and came across a photographer named Lisa Elmaleh whose work had immediate appeal.  Maybe it is her subject matter - remote and fragile places.  Maybe it is her technique - she does 8x10 wet plate photographs using a darkroom on the back of her truck.  Both are sources for a connection.

In the article written by George Slade, I found two phrases I so often used to describe my own work: "slow" and "deliberate."  It is something people just don't seem to understand, how the tools and techniques you use are so integral to how you relate, understand, and interpret your subject.

Lisa understands.  When you must invest real effort to make a photograph, you go slower and become more intimate with your surroundings.  And with that comes a connection, an understanding.

Visit her website: 

Lisa Elmaleh and her 1996 Toyota Tacoma "Harriet."
Note the darkroom in the back of the truck.
(LE, Hope you don't mind me using your photograph - thanks!)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Catching Up

My how the time flies!  Been so busy the 'ol blog slipped.  Sorry.

Fortunately I can report that I am coming off of a fine weekend of photography.  Spent the entire day Friday in Walnut Grove, CA, photographing the inside of a long neglected, historically rich building that two friends purchased a few years ago with plans to breathe new life into it.

Twas a day of chasing the sun through the building.  No electricity so natural light through the windows was all that was available (natural light is better anyway, wouldn't you agree?).  All 4x5 work this time (I hope to return soon with the 8x10).

Hope your weekend was equally as satisfying.