Monday, February 19, 2018


Yes, I know it is almost March, and it seems a little late to talk about looking forward to 2018 when a sixth of the year already gone.  But it has been a very busy year so far.

The big project was updating the website to be platform responsive.  In the other words, so you can view it on a desktop, iPhone, iPad or whatever with equal ease.  (The old website gave some pretty strange results on a smartphone.)  That is finally done.  And with it a new look to the website AND (most important) new images!  I hope you like it.

Oh, BTW, the picture is from a trip to the Eastern Sierra this past October.  It was a strange Fall in 2017 and I arrived late in the Fall Color season - but that is actually a good time for a B&W photographer.  Just now started printing the negatives in the darkroom.

Take Care!


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