Saturday, April 14, 2018

Into the Valley

Last week I had the pleasure of spending a few days in and around Death Valley.  A badly need break from the daily grind and the chance to craft images in one of my favorite forums - the desert.
Panamint Range, Death Valley
photo credit : Kim

All deserts are exercises in contrasts. The hot and cold extremes, low contrast landscapes in high contrast light, muted colors accented by tiny bits of brilliant color.  Ferociously difficult to photograph in black & white but immensely satisfying to do so with the proper subject. What's not to like, right? 

Working on an image at the Beehives
photo credit: Kim
Each desert has its own personality.  Death Valley is a particular gem because the visitor can access with relative ease extraordinary examples of geological wonders, sublime desert offerings, and see the remains of the extreme efforts that man has exerted to try and exploit this harsh place. But make no mistake, off the paved paths this place can offer even more incredible sights and experiences - but it can also do you in.  Death Valley is a place to be greeted with awe and treated with respect.

Having just completed developing the trip's negatives I can say that I am pleased.  Some potentially fine material to add to The Lonely Places project.

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