Tuesday, February 11, 2020


"Lonely and Windswept"
from The Lonely Places project

In an earlier post I mentioned the The Shutter Brothers' 3-P's.  Planning. Purpose. Patience.  

This picture is titled "Lonely and Windswept" from The Lonely Places project.  It is high in the mountains near Virginia City, Nevada, in a large and badly abused cemetery south of town.  It has all three ingredients of the 3-P's but especially patience.

When I first visited this place years ago, I had a vision of how I wanted to interpret this particular grave site.  However, I had to return many times over several years before I found the right combination of light, clouds, mountains, and wind to make the image work.  

Making an image that says just want you want can take a lot of patience and discipline.  Finding the right place to stand and the composing the image.  Waiting for the light.  Waiting for the clouds. Waiting for the wind to stop.  And sometimes it all goes away and you don't get the image at all and you have to plan to go back. 

But when you keep at it (and when Nature cooperates) ... well, let's just say it is very satisfying!

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