Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Now More Than Ever

Never has it been more important to spend time with your art!

Sensual Hair

In troubled times, art is a refuge.  Art reminds us of what is important and beautiful in life.  Art inspires us to be something more than downtrodden and subjugated by the mass media.  Art summons what Lincoln called the better angels of our nature.

Rose Valley
Art gives you a voice to speak softly, but clearly, of beauty.  This is so important when everyone else is shouting doom.

So spend time with your art.  Do it now!  

Turn off the TV, get off the social media and newsfeed, put down the newspaper.

Canyon, Lee Vining, CA
Instead, revisit the Fall colors and that trip to the mountains.  Let the sun rise again over your favorite lake as it did last summer when you photographed it.  Relive the birthday parties and family reunions.  Your children's disarming smiles and those charming pet pictures. The roses and flowers you photographed in your studio or that insightful portrait. 


And then share those images with family and friends to help remind them of what is important and beautiful.  They need you and your art right now.

Sunrise Over Mono Lake

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